I’ve Missed You

What a lovely facebook post I was tagged in yesterday by the lovely Tara Cain over at Sticky Fingers.  It really brought me back to the time when blogging was fun, less competitive and we were just moms with with kids looking for ways to connect with each other, to laugh and cry about all the wonderful and sometimes painful things happening in our day to day lives. Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking the bloggers who have monetized their blogs, more power to you, I just miss the simplicity of it all.

Nickie from Typecast struck a chord when she said it can still be that, you just have to not care about everything else and just blog.  Thank you Nickie!

So… this morning I got up, grabbed my grumpy mug, my generic kuerig… It’s a HamiltonBeach, but it has Hamilton in the title, that has to count for something, right?  I digress… Where was I? Oh yes! My Natural bliss pumpkin pie creamer, and I decided I was going to say I MISSED YOU!

I don’t know if you missed me, but I really miss the late night writing and waking up to find all the lovely comments of support, making friendships, many of which I still have on facebook.  I find myself smiling and my heart swelling when I see how much our kids have grown and how lovely they all are.  I miss the laughs, the humor and most of all I miss the relief of knowing there were and are moms out there who were just like me!

So what have we been up to these last few years?  Well, I went back to work and I’m currently employed in a high school.  I’m not a teacher, but don’t tell the officer who pulled me over yesterday because he thought I was and decided not to give me a ticket for that reason… I’ll save that story for tomorrow! My husband is still an insurance adjuster, but recently changed companies. Meg is growing up far to quickly and is, as always, my hero!  Daisy our fabulous dog is getting older and likes to hide in the bathroom when storms come, peeking her head out from behind the shower curtain like the nosey neighbor does from behind the blinds.  Finally, we have a new addition to the family… Dave The Diva, our chubby little hamster, who likes to keep me up at night with his squeaky wheel!  I might have to do a blog post about the things you don’t think about when you’re sucked into buying that adorable, fluffy, little rodent!

I know I’ve said it before, reference my last few posts, but I think I’m back! Yep! I think I’m going to give the blogging thingy a go again!  I’m not going to self host or worry about stats and  I might drive Nickie crazy with my poor grammar, but if you’re interested in watching how I slide through life one banana peel at a time (did you like that little nod to my tag line? Yes I’m that corny!) I would love to follow you and if you would like me to follow you put your link in the comments and till next time…

Disclaimer: I was not paid for nor asked to endorse the products in the crappy picture above… you’re welcome Disney, HamiltonBeach, and Natural Bliss!

PS. Thanks Tara for the look back and the reminder of why I loved blogging. *kisses*

PPS. Wow… my blog needs a little dusting!  I may have to give it a face lift!

Eat, Pray, Love and Eat Some More

So I recently went to see Eat, Pray, Love with my sister and some friends at the Cinebistro!  The only movie related dining experiences I remember prior to this are the ones that included big greasy buckets of popcorn and large fizzy drinks that make you have to pee during the most important part of the movie. 

I also remember as a small child we’d go to the old-time theater in town which had a very large, velvety, maroon curtain covering the screen! Right before the movie, the lights would dim, the intro music would start and this curtain would rise in gathered scallops!  About halfway through the movie there’d be an intermission and the cigarette girls would come around selling ice cream Cornettos!  I wonder if they still do that? Hmmmm?  Anyway I digress… back to the Cinebistro! 

We arrived a half hour early as instructed and we’re seated in lovely plush armchairs with little swing around tabletops!  My sister and I were well chuffed as you can or maybe can’t  tell by this very poorly taken cell phone picture. *grin*

We were treated like royalty by waiters and waitresses decked out in tuxedo shirts who brought us Menus and cutlery wrapped in black cloth napkins! Feeling right posh my sister and I decided to share a Chicken BLT sandwich and sweet potato fries that were so yummy! 

 Our food was served to us as we sat in the big comfy seats, we could even order a wee drinky poo if we wanted!  After we finished our meal our popcorn was brought out to us in a lovely ceramic looking bowl!   It was fabulous and I would recommend everyone try it at least once! 

The movie was fantastic and parts of it were very nostalgic for me, like when Julia went to Italy!  As a child I was lucky enough to live in Naples, Italy for two years.  So seeing some of the sights, the  food and the hand gestures in the movie reminded me of my time spent there.  Especially the hand gestures!  I remember my Italian babysitter Lucia used to bite and shake her hand whenever her son Edwardo and I did something we weren’t supposed to!  The kissing and grabbing of cheeks (face of course) was very big over there too!

My sister and I loved Julia’s take on eating pizza and buying big girl pants!  We had a chuckle when Julia and her friend tried in vain to zip up their pants in the changing room after gorging on pasta and pizza!  I think we could definitely relate, we’ve had many a giggle in department store changing rooms.

It was definitely one of those movies that left me with warm fuzzies and made me want to head out to the nearest budhist temple to chant and go on my own personal quest for life.  I loved all the different characters and how each taught Julia a different lesson in life.  Overall, for me, a great movie!

After the movie we headed over to the hotel where my friends were having a little party and staying overnight.  They’d decorated the room to match the movie.

They’d even set up a little area  for chanting “Nam myoho renge kyo… Ommmm!”  🙂

 And there was food from all the different regions in the movie.

I unsuccessfully tried to sneak away with the espresso brownies!  Not that I need the extra poundage!

All in all though it was a top night with great friends and I think a fun time was had by all!