Expired Tags, A Frisk, and A Screwdriver

A few days ago, on my way to work, I noticed a police car following close behind me.  Now usually I move over because, it’s been my experience, if you’re not speeding and you have your seat belt on they want you to move over so they can pass through and why would today be any different? I’m all good right?


The police car moves over with me, his car still close behind mine.  I get that sinking feeling, you know the one where you know you’re about to be pulled over and in one last ditch effort I change back to my original lane to see if the move over was coincidental and his lights go on! Crap! I drive a little further to a safe spot where I can pull over, pop the car in park, roll my window down and wait…

“Good morning sir!”  I say as I hear him tap on my car and appear at my window, but slightly behind me.  In the rear view I notice he has tattoos up his right arm, it’s not relevant, but I notice all the same.

“Ma’am did you know your tag is expired?”

“No it isn’t!” I say without thinking.  It can’t be I just bought this car a little over a year ago, we keep everything up to date.

“Its eight months expired!”

I must’ve looked like a deer in head lights as I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about? My hubby takes care of all of that, he wouldn’t let it expire.

“Do you have your registration?”

“Yes! I mean I should… Do you mind if I open the glove box and check?”

He doesn’t mind, so I use pincher fingers to shuffle through the paper in my glove box, but I can’t find it?

“It’s not in here? Do you mind if I check my purse?”

At this point I want to let him know exactly what I’m doing, I’ve seen the news and I don’t want to become a statistic! He’s very nice and doesn’t have a problem with me rummaging through my purse.

I forgot to mention… I had asked to call my husband so he could assist me in finding my non-existent registration and he’s on the car speaker phone while I’m going through all these exercises.

Finally, I ask the officer if I can look in the armrest for my registration?

“Do you have any weapons?”

My mind flashes to the little hammer I have in the armrest.  I have it so I can break a window in the car if I ever need to and it has a few other useful gadgets on it. I feel myself get a little nervous.

” well, I have…” the officer takes a step back and puts his hand to his side.

“… no,no, no it’s a little hammer!” I can’t get the words out fast enough.

“I use it to break windows!”

That’s just great Kirsten, you sound like you’ve just confessed to breaking and entering! My left hand is up and the other is gently opening the arm rest for him to see and I’m relieved he relaxes. Again, I use pincher fingers to take it out and again no registration.

“The thing is ma’am there isn’t a decal on your tag!”

At this point my husband chimes in…

“Yeah the dealer sent the tag without the decal… I was waiting for them to send us the sticker.”

I blurt out “For eight months?”

I’m thinking I just went through all of that and he knew I had no decal, which pretty much means no registration! By now the officer is pretty sure I had no clue I was driving around with an expired tag.

“Are you on your way to work?”


“Where do you work?”

I tell the officer I work at the local high school and he goes on to tell me he doesn’t like to give teachers tickets and I’m not about to tell him I’m not one and instead thank him kindly.

“Just so you’re aware ma’am, driving around without a decal is a misdemeanor and it’s an arrestable offense!”

Oh my god I’m a felon!

“Really? Don’t tell me that I’ll cry! I honestly didn’t know!”

He tells me he’s giving me the benefit of the doubt, but tells me I need to go to the courthouse to get it taken care of today.  He also tells me if Florida Highway Patrol pulled me over they could arrest me.

“Thank you officer! I will call my work and go right this minute.”

He nods and I’m allowed to leave.  He follows me most of the way to the court house and I make a call to let my work know I’m a felon and I’m gonna be late.  Oh wait… there’s more!

I arrive at the court house and walk in to what looks like an airport with the metal detector and the conveyor, scanny, thingamajig you put your purse on and I briefly think to myself oh how times have changed. I walk up and place my purse and keys on the conveyor and walk through the metal detector.


Seriously? I don’t have anything on me. I smile at the guy and walk over to him to get scanned. He runs the wand over me, gets to the front of my pants and it beeps.  I look down and lift my shirt a little. I explain that my pants have a little clasp and a zipper and he says those wouldn’t be strong enough to set it off.

“I can unbutton my pants if you’d like me to, I’m wearing granny panties, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t set it off!”

He’s not really amused,bu he’s satisfied I’m not brandishing any weapons on me.  I go to get my purse and there’s a problem. For gods sake what now?

“I need you to take your keys out of your purse!”


I take them out and lo and behold they’re just keys!

“Nope that’s not it!”

“What do you see? What are you looking for?”

He asks if I carry any small weapons about 4-5 inches long? I tell him no, but he’s welcome to search my purse. He says for me to look through my purse and I’m like okay, but I told you I don’t have… my hand hits something cold and long in my purse and I think what in the… oh snapdragons! I start to smile…

“Um… I just remembered my daughter was eating a yogurt in the car last night…”

I start pulling the object out of my purse and my mind reverts to the 1990’s movie Robinhood where Allan Rickman, the sheriff, talks about using a spoon to cut out Kevin Costner who plays Robin Hood’s heart “because it’ll hurt more!” But I digress…

“… I put the spoon in my purse meaning to take it inside the house, but forgot. I’m sorry!”

Much to his and my relief he didn’t feel you could do much harm with a spoon.  I mean, I guess he could’ve thought I used the spoon for recreational drugs, but sorry dude all I get is mommy street cred with this spoon!

“Do you carry an aerosol? Pepper spray?”


“Can you check?”

Why not? I look and can’t find anything, we talk about what could be and finally realize it’s my inhaler!

“You’re all good!”

Thank god for that! So I walk to the counter and ask the nice lady where I go to get my registration. She politely pounts and says you go out the door, through the courtyard, and into the next building.

Seriously? If there’s another metal detector I’m going to scream and throw an epic tantrum. I lucked out, no scanning devices whatsoever. I don’t know if that’s good for the folks working in that particular building, but again I digress…  I pay my fees and now my tag is good till 2018.

Finally, on my way home I run over a screwdriver that flips up and sticks in the undercarriage of my car by the passenger door! I think it’s in the axle area until a nice man at Meg’s school notices it and offers to pull it out.


It was quite a day to say the least, but I’m glad to say I’m no longer a felon and my car is fine! However, I do now have two weapons in my car, three if you count the spoon and I’m keeping that mommy street cred! Till next time…

I’ve Missed You

What a lovely facebook post I was tagged in yesterday by the lovely Tara Cain over at Sticky Fingers.  It really brought me back to the time when blogging was fun, less competitive and we were just moms with with kids looking for ways to connect with each other, to laugh and cry about all the wonderful and sometimes painful things happening in our day to day lives. Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking the bloggers who have monetized their blogs, more power to you, I just miss the simplicity of it all.

Nickie from Typecast struck a chord when she said it can still be that, you just have to not care about everything else and just blog.  Thank you Nickie!

So… this morning I got up, grabbed my grumpy mug, my generic kuerig… It’s a HamiltonBeach, but it has Hamilton in the title, that has to count for something, right?  I digress… Where was I? Oh yes! My Natural bliss pumpkin pie creamer, and I decided I was going to say I MISSED YOU!

I don’t know if you missed me, but I really miss the late night writing and waking up to find all the lovely comments of support, making friendships, many of which I still have on facebook.  I find myself smiling and my heart swelling when I see how much our kids have grown and how lovely they all are.  I miss the laughs, the humor and most of all I miss the relief of knowing there were and are moms out there who were just like me!

So what have we been up to these last few years?  Well, I went back to work and I’m currently employed in a high school.  I’m not a teacher, but don’t tell the officer who pulled me over yesterday because he thought I was and decided not to give me a ticket for that reason… I’ll save that story for tomorrow! My husband is still an insurance adjuster, but recently changed companies. Meg is growing up far to quickly and is, as always, my hero!  Daisy our fabulous dog is getting older and likes to hide in the bathroom when storms come, peeking her head out from behind the shower curtain like the nosey neighbor does from behind the blinds.  Finally, we have a new addition to the family… Dave The Diva, our chubby little hamster, who likes to keep me up at night with his squeaky wheel!  I might have to do a blog post about the things you don’t think about when you’re sucked into buying that adorable, fluffy, little rodent!

I know I’ve said it before, reference my last few posts, but I think I’m back! Yep! I think I’m going to give the blogging thingy a go again!  I’m not going to self host or worry about stats and  I might drive Nickie crazy with my poor grammar, but if you’re interested in watching how I slide through life one banana peel at a time (did you like that little nod to my tag line? Yes I’m that corny!) I would love to follow you and if you would like me to follow you put your link in the comments and till next time…

Disclaimer: I was not paid for nor asked to endorse the products in the crappy picture above… you’re welcome Disney, HamiltonBeach, and Natural Bliss!

PS. Thanks Tara for the look back and the reminder of why I loved blogging. *kisses*

PPS. Wow… my blog needs a little dusting!  I may have to give it a face lift!

A New Take On Take On Me!

I’m a big Sarah Bareilles fan and love songs she’s done like Gravity, Uncharted, or Breathe Again just to name a few!

I didn’t realize my brother was a fan too until a few weeks ago when we were chatting and he asked me if I’d heard her cover of A-Ha’s Take On Me?

I hadn’t heard it before, but I instantly fell in love with it! 

 I love covers that make a cool song even cooler!

So for 80’s week I’m sharing it!

Just incase you miss the original though here it is!

Don’t forget this month is National Epilepsy Awareness Month and we’re Talking About It all month here at Gone Bananas! 

 Check out some of the inspirational stories in the post I’ve pinned to the top of my blog or better yet share a story and link up!

Even One Seizure Is To Many!

 Here at Gone Bananas we’re spending the month of November talking about it!

Talking about what you say?

Talking about Epilepsy!

 November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month!

 Our Meg lives with epilepsy and after about three years of no seizure episodes she all of a sudden started having them again this summer.  So in the last couple of months we’ve taken some trips to All Children’s Hospital where she’s had a few EEG’s and an MRI to try to get to the bottom of why they’ve suddenly resurfaced.

It’s been tough couple of months for Meg because she’s now at an age where she’s knows and trying to understand it all is difficult, but she’s amazing and perseveres through everything with a smile and a positive attitude.  I LOVE that about her!

So every November and March we talk about it! 

 We talk about it because we don’t ever want Meghan to be afraid to talk about it!

We talk about it, because we’ve learned there are still so many myths associated with Epilepsy!

Did you know some people still believe Epilepsy is the work of evil spirits? 

 Crazy right?  I know!

 But unless we talk about it they will never know any different.

Here are some great facts written by:  Kenneth Lowenberg

(Resource: www.epilepsy.com and www.Talkaboutit.org)

FACT: If someone is having a seizure, NEVER put anything in their mouth!

No one can swallow their tongue, that is a very persistent myth we have to end. Trying to put something in someone’s mouth while they have a seizure could significantly hurt the person. It could damage their jaw or teeth. And it is simply NEVER the thing to do. 

 FACT: If someone is having a seizure, NEVER hold them down or restrain them in any way! 

 When someone has a convulsive seizure, their legs and arms will move in a jerking fashion. This is the muscle response to the excessive electrical discharge happening in their brain. As long as the person is not in any danger, like near an object that can hurt them, it is important to let the seizure take its course — usually just a minute or two. Restraining the person may hurt them. Just make sure they are safe, and stay with them until the seizure ends. 

 FACT: Epilepsy is NOT Contagious. 

There is no way anyone can ‘catch’ epilepsy. Not possible. Ever. 

FACT: Epilepsy should NOT be a barrier to happiness and success. 

 While epilepsy varies in treatment and severity on an individual basis, one should always do their best to keep a positive outlook and strive to live the best life you can. As Greg Grunberg says, “We all have something.” And that’s true. We each face our own challenges every day. And it is up to our personal strength and our community of support in family and friends to help us through whatever we face. 

 Another reason we talk about it is because Epilepsy needs to be put on the map in the same way Autism and Cancer have, so it can receive funding for research and we can find a cure!

FACT: There are 3 million people in the United States and 50 million people around the world who have Epilepsy.

FACT:  One third is the number of people with epilepsy who live with uncontrollable seizures because there is no available treatment that works for them.

FACT:  6 out of 10 is the number of people with epilepsy where the cause is unknown.

FACT: Their are 50,000 deaths related to and 200,000 new cases of epilepsy each year.

One seizure is too many, let alone one life lost to epilepsy!

It’s time to start talking about it!





Epilepsy… Talk About It Y’all!

I will keep this post at the top of my blog and the link open for the entire month of November!

Be sure to scroll down to see newer posts and lets

Talk About It!

It’s November which means its National Epilepsy Awareness Month and time to

Talk About It!

 Did you know that over 3 million Americans and 50 million people around the world live with some form of Epilepsy?!

My daughter Meg is one of them!


We will be spending the month of November talking about Epilepsy and dispelling some of the ridiculous myths associated with it!

For instance…

Did you know some people think if you have Epilepsy you can’t play sports or be active?


Tell that to Chanda Gun a goalie on the women’s Hockey team during the 2006 Winter Olympics or to Bobby Jones one of the most admired defenders to ever wear an NBA uniform! 

People with Epilepsy CAN play sports and have fun, they just have to be seizure smart about it and make sure their friends, coaches and fellow team mates are educated.

While epilepsy has had its challenges for my daughter, it has never stopped her from playing a sport and certainly doesn’t stop her from having fun!

Maybe you or someone you know lives with Epilepsy?

 Come on y’all let’s get people talking about it! 

Share your story, dispel a myth or just tell people to Talk About It on your blog and then come back and link up by clicking on the little froggy fellow below! 

I will keep this post at the top of my blog and the link open for the entire month of November!

Be sure to scroll down to see newer posts and lets

Talk About It!




A Halloween ‘Spook’takular!

Beth over at Seeking My Sanity threw a SpOOktaCular Pumpkin Carving Halloween Party this past Saturday!

Moo, hubby and I had such a good time!

Hubby carved our pumpkin!

Meg was thrilled when Mrs. Beth’s hubby made her a balloon sword.

Don’t mess with the Future Mrs. Bieber!


Well… I got my Lady Gaga claws out for Thriller with my girlfriend and her fabulous daughter!

My hubby even had some impressive thriller moves…

Okay maybe not, but he had fun trying! *Grin*

So today for Monday Music Movies Me I will start off with the obvious choice first…

Thriller by Michael Jackson

but my favorite song to bust out to on Halloween is…

Supersticious by Stevie Wonder

Sunday Snapshot

Yesterday we headed down to the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs and ran into two very familiar characters, from a movie you might be familiar with?

That’s right!


They were hanging out and saying hi to whoever walked by!

We also happened upon a really big shark!

The weather was beautiful and Moo had fun checking out the different sponges…

… and the boats they came in on!

We even ran into Scuttle from Nemo hanging out by a local restaurant.

Mine mine mine!

I’m loving that the weather is starting to get a tad cooler here in Florida!

It made for another perfect day out with my family!

Next Sunday I’m starting a link up and share Sunday Snapshot along with my friend Beth over at Seeking My Sanity!

We will have a link up much like this one below and a badge you can share.

So join in the fun and share your favorite picture of the week by itself or with a story if it moves you!

We look forward to sharing photos with you!