5 Tips For Summer Safety

summer safety

  • Stock up on sunscreen and bug spray – Unfortunately, along with the warm summer months comes sunburns and those pesky little bloodsuckers.  We live in Florida, so we usually use sunscreens that are at least a factor 50.  As for Mosquito spray, if we plan on being out early morning or late afternoon we keep a bottle of Off Skintastic handy.
  • Water Safety –  This is a big one for us as our daughter is epileptic  and water can pose a big danger.  It doesn’t mean she can’t swim, but we do have to be smart about it!  Our Meggers is never in the pool without one of us and always wears a life jacket with a groin strap if we go boating out on a lake or in the ocean.  Did you know it take only a few unattended moments and a couple of tablespoons of water for a child to drown?  Sadly, drowning happens all to often in our state and in most cases  it could’ve been prevented! NEVER leave your children unattended around water, even if they’re strong swimmers, as accidents CAN and DO happen.  Make sure your children have the proper water safety devices they need and have them take a swim and/or water safety class to help them understand why water safety and rules are important in keeping them safe.
  • Stay Hydrated –  Our bodies are made up of 70% water and if you are planning on being out in the hot sun you need to make sure you drink plenty of water.  Make sure you drink at least 8 or more glasses of water and keep a few sports drinks around as they replenish electrolytes and contain carbohydrates that can prevent sugar levels from dropping.
  • Weather Updates –  If you live in Florida you know summer storms can pop up at a moments notice.  Check the weather before you head out for the day, if there’s a forecast of afternoon thunderstorms you might want to make your plans for earlier in the day and then maybe do a movie or indoor activity in the afternoon.  We signed up for weather alerts from our local news station that are emailed to our cell phones.  Another option, download a weather app to your smart phone to keep track of impending weather while you’re out and about.
  • Medications – As I mentioned our Meggers is epileptic and we have meds we need to keep with us at all times.  I’m still looking for a convenient med carrier to take to theme parks, but in the mean time I’m lucky because I’m able to carry the majority of Meg’s meds in my purse.  However, some meds have to stay cooler and I find a small soft lunch tote works great for this purpose.  I will often wrap an ice block in paper towels and put it in a Ziploc baggie to keep the tote cool.  We always like to make sure we have at least two or three days worth of meds with us, that way if we have an unexpected overnight stay we’re prepared.

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