Biannual Blogathoning My Way Back Into Blogging

I’ve been MIA from my blog lately, just wasn’t feeling it for whatever the reason,  so what better way to get back into it?

Join a Blogathon!


Yes… you heard me correctly!

I think I’ve officially lost my mind, but I’m going to give it a go and see if I can get my creative juices flowing again!

So, what is a Blogathon or better yet what is the “Biannual Blogathon Bash”?

Well it’s a weekend of endless blogging, not necessarily writing, it can also be getting your blog in order.  For a better explanation click HERE.

So, what are this Florida girl’s goals for this Blogathon?

  1. Get my blog in order –  There are a couple of topics I’ve been wanting to cover and organizing that content will be a big part of what I’m working on this weekend.
  2. Working on the aesthetics of my blog –  Be honest what do you think about the overall look of my blog? Leave me a comment!
  3.  Meet new bloggers –  Yep that means if you comment below I’ll be visiting your blog too!
  4. Rearranging my banana hammock –  Not as sordid as it sounds… It’s the place where I keep the other blogs I like to visit and it’s outdated and due for a dusting.
  5.  To self host or not to self host that is the question?
  6.  Should I stay or should I go – Weeding out and re-categorizing old blog posts!
  7. Use fewer exclamation marks –  I’ve become obsessed with them!


See there I go again, I can’t help myself!


This goal might prove a little challenging.

Okay, that does it for now, I think I have my work cut out for me this weekend!

I’ll close with a big thank you and nice to meet you to the organizers.  Thanks for the awesome badge and fingers crossed this is the push I needed to get back to doing what I love!

Biannual Blogathon Bash

16 thoughts on “Biannual Blogathoning My Way Back Into Blogging

  1. Good for you! Time to get back on that blogging horse! Love your “banana hammock” reference. LOL!

    Suggestion: Declutter your sidebar. It will look much cleaner. Plus, if your post is not very long, people will still be able to scroll down a lot farther because the sidebar keeps going.



    1. Thanks Boowookie! I appreciate the advice, it’s actually another thing on my list of things to do! I always wrestle with what to keep, what to get rid of and what order it should be in! lol


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I too “fell off” the blogging bandwagon BUT I have picked myself up and plan to start again. 🙂 I wish you luck on completing you “to-do” list! BTW, you can NEVER have to many eclaimation points!!!!!!! 😉


  3. Hey 🙂 new blog reader here. Looking forward to ‘meeting’ other new bloggers my self this weekend.
    and a yes to the self hosted. you can do soooooo much more 😉


  4. So glad to have you join us, hope the blogathon motivates you! Apparently you aren’t the only one with an exclamation point problem!


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