Come On… We’re Building Lego!

Playing with Meg’s Lego and some photo editing stuff!



Like you’ve never paused and played with your kids toys before!



Well… I do! 😉

Seriously though, they never had any cool girly Lego like this when I was younger!

I couldn’t get Meg to touch it when she was little, her fine motor skill weren’t up to par and she had trouble manipulating even the bigger pieces.

Oh how the tides change!

Now she absolutely loves it and she put this little village together in about a week.


I have to admit I really enjoy it too!   Not to mention it makes for a few fun photos!

9 thoughts on “Come On… We’re Building Lego!

  1. Love the photos! My kids are all huge Lego fans. But why did they have to give the Lego Friends boobs? What’s up with that? Other Lego people, like the Hobbits, are flat square people.


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LEGOS! I have boys, so they don’t have this theme. But I don’t get why some women activist got so mad about this set. If girls want to play with traditional LEGOs they can and if they want more pink, this rocks. It is EXCELLENT for following directions, fine motor skills, building strategy and more.


    1. Right! My next Legos *ahem* I mean my daughter’s next Legos will prob gonna be Star Wars or Avenger themed! Lol. We love all Legos too! Sometimes these groups get a little over the top about stuff! 🙂


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