The Axis of Awesome is… Awesome!

It’s amazing how many songs are actually played with the same simple four chords!  While stalking a certain celebrity who shall not be named *cough* Zachary Levi *cough* buzzing about twitter this week I stumbled across this group and I have to say they’re all sorts of awesome!  Well actually, they’re called The Axis of Awesome and this video is called 4 Chords!  I for one would definitely go see them if they showed up here in Tampa!


Oh and btw…

I know this week is movie themed so I’ve included this link to a post I did about a movie we really enjoyed! I’ve also included its awesome theme song below by Westlife called Safe! 😉

12 thoughts on “The Axis of Awesome is… Awesome!

  1. Those were awesome, but I tell you I have got to see that movie now about the Dolphin tale. It looks awesome thanks for sharing, and playing along with us. Have a rockin’ week.


  2. That first video is so hilarious! Do they do anything serious? Safe is new to me. I’m gonna have to check out the movie Dolphin’s Tale, though. This looks like a nice flick to see. Thanks for linking up with us today! =D


  3. I’ve been raving about Axis of Awesome for MONTHS – my son saw this video a while back and taught himself the four chords and now tries to sing along 😀 You might want to look up “How to write a love song” by the same group.


  4. Princess Nagger mentioned she wants to see Dolphin’s Tale – I’ll have to get the DVD! 🙂 The first one was awesome – I was totally cracking up – so much so that I had to share the video with my musical hubby. 😉 The second one was also new to me, but gave me goosebumps! Love them both! 🙂 And for the record, I love Zachary Levi too! 🙂

    Uninvited Angel with an Unchained Melody is Telling The World oh What A Feeling in a Blaze of Glory


  5. So I was just sitting there with the silly stupid grin on my face. That video on top is hella awesome!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Thanks for something different!

    Have a fun Monday!


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