Fun in da-middles!

I love fall and winter because it’s the time of year that Meg and I get our baking skills on! 

We make everything and it’s usually all from scratch…

Pumpkin Roll, Oatmeal Cookies, Mince Pies, triple chocolate cookies and more!

When Meg had her relapse of seizures a little while back I was determined to get her out and doing stuff right away!  I didn’t want her to ever think a seizure should stop her from having fun or just being a kid.  So once Meg’s seizures subsided a little we spent a few weekends doing stuff like visiting Winter the Dolphin, the Sponge Docks, playing with friends and baking.


On one of these days, while out at the store, we came across these cupcakes by Betty Crocker that looked super fun to make!

The only thing better than a chocolate cupcake is one with a gooey middle!


They were so easy to make as well as a really fun and tasty treat!

Mmm Mmm Good!

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