Rising up we’re back on our feet!

So the theme over at Xmas Dolly’s place for Music Monday is Animals!

Ha I love it!

So let’s get started!

This family has had it’s ups and downs lately, but it looks like things are finally getting back on track!

*Puts on running short, tank and tennis shoes*

Sometimes things in life knock us down, but we always get right back up and dust ourselves off because we’re not quitters!

*throws a few air punches*

So my pick for today is Survivor Eye Of The Tiger!

Oh go on then here’s a few more I couldn’t resist!

Elton John’s Crocodile Rock

Katie Tunstall Black Horse and a Cherry Tree




16 thoughts on “Rising up we’re back on our feet!

  1. Well, you certainly have an interesting mix here. lol Love KT Tunstall!

    No doubt, you all have had one crazy roller coaster ride as of late. Glad that things are finally back on track and running smoothly again. xox

    Now that you’ve got some running clothes on, you will be hitting the treadmill, right? 😉 C’mon girl!


    1. Yes ma’am! Glad you picked up on that! ;0) I didn’t want to do a long post about weight loss *cough* again *cough* and jinx myself! So just threw in the gear and the air punches that matched the song perfectly! lol


  2. Well how about this I just happen to know every one of these songs. The Cherry tree one I know through my daughter she’s always playing it. Very good choices. I wish I could remember these songs. I only remember them when I hear them. Poor memory is a curse for sure. Great choices & have a good day.


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