On a quest for good Fish & Chips!

For a long time I had an aversion to seafood! 

Let me explain…

While I was pregnant with Meghan I ate copious amounts of salmon, it was the only thing I could eat that wouldn’t send me into excruciating pain, because my gallbladder had decided to give me its resignation.  So until recently I wasn’t able to look at the stuff let alone smell it and well… quite frankly, all the oil spills and junk in the ocean didn’t help matters (yes I AM that paranoid)! 

So, you can imagine hubby’s excitement when I told him I fancied a bit of salmon

Getting a bit braver I’d order Fish & Chip while we were out at a restaurant, but always seemed to leave feeling a little unsatisfied.  I even ventured to buy Target’s Market Pantry Battered Fish Fillets after my mum served them up one day for Meg’s lunch.  They’re not bad for a quick fish fix and they don’t contain MSG! YAY!

Finally I told hubby we just needed to make our own and he agreed!

Later that week, while browsing the British goods section of our local Publix, I was pleasantly surprised to find a Chip-Shop Batter and tossed it into my cart, because that’s how I roll!  


 I picked up some fresh cod and a bag of potatoes and headed home. 

We ended up having a lot of fun while the fish was frying! 

 I told Meg how her Uncle Jamie used to be afraid of fish and how her Uncle Allan had once chased him down the street with a big raw one.  We also talked about the time daddy took Meghan wade fishing and gave Mummy a heart attack.

After giggling and sharing stories for a while the fish was finally ready to eat and boy was it good!

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One thought on “On a quest for good Fish & Chips!

  1. I love the photo of the fish frying. What a great shot! I’ll have to snoop around at Publix for that batter. We’ve got a nice selection of British goods at our store too.

    My girls love that story about Daddy chasing Uncle Jamie with fish. It makes me chuckle too, but it wouldn’t be a funny story if it was zombies or clowns. BRAINS! lol


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