Juneathon Days 5, 6 & 7

So I’m now a week into Juneathon!  Woo hoo!  Day 4 proved to be a pain in the ass, I felt sluggish on the treadmill and only did a little under a mile.  Boo!  

Day 5 – I redeemed myself by doing a little over two miles!  Yay me! *grin*  I still have to do a quick paced walk with a little bit of jogging because of my knee, but I really don’t mind as far as I’m concerned as long as I’m moving that’s what counts.  I tell you though I’ve decided the scale and I are no longer friends!  I know I didn’t put the weight on over night and I’m realizing it’s gonna take a while to take it off, but I can’t wait till it begins to show and people begin to notice! For now… I’m just  happy the scale is moving in the right direction and isn’t going up! 

Day 6 – I had a lot on my mind and felt I’d neglected the house a bit so I decided to clean house and jump on the treadmill later in the day before we picked up Meg from her last day of school!  I got quite a bit of cleaning accomplished, but never made it to the treadmill as Moo decided to eat her packed lunch as well as pizza and other goodies that were being passed out the last day of school resulting in a vomiting session that warranted us picking her up from school early.  Long story short I didn’t make it on the treadmill, but cleaning floors has gotta count for something right?!

Day 7 – This morning I felt good as I was able to go a little further than two miles and my time seems to be improving a little too!  The scale although moving very slowly says I’ve gone down 4 lbs, even though it doesn’t feel any different I’m really happy about this!  I think I will get more excited as I start to see more results!  For a beginner I don’t think I’m doing to badly!  

~The surest way not to fail is to be determined to suceed~

Richard Brinsley Sheridan

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