Day 3 & 4 of Juneathon

So Friday was Megger’s Award Ceremony (she’s graduated second grade and on her way to third) and an early release day for school, so I skipped out on my morning treadmill walk/jog. 

Man did they whipped those awards out, but it was a good thing because there were a lot of kids.  

They all sang  ‘Sing… sing a song… sing out  loud… sing out strong’ it was adorable!  Of course it wouldn’t be complete with out the tear jerking slide show!

After we left her school we took her to lunch and then she had to get ready to go see Buddy from the show Cake Boss!

She loves Buddy and the whole Cake Boss family so she was really excited!

So Day 3 of Juneathon I didn’t manage a treadmill run, but I had a super happy kid and that was more important!

Day 4 of Juneathon I was determined to get back on the treadmill and had every intention of walk/jogging two miles.  I even increased my speed a little  and I started out strong, but began to fizzle out at about .80 of a mile!

I had two theories on what happened and I’m not a seasoned runner so I’m really not sure if they’re correct.

Okay first theory…

My usual routine is get up drink water, drink a glass of Bolthouse veg and fruit juice , stretch, and jump on the treadmill.  However, this day I was out of my bolt house juice and my Kashi Oatmeal so I used some flatbread and made a simple egg sandwich (No butter I used Pam spray).  I’m not used to having something heavy on my tummy when I walk/jog and thought maybe that was the culprit!

My second theory…

*If you’re male you might want to skim past this part*

 An honest question albeit a little awkward, I’m due my period any day now and was wondering if other women had a harder time running when they’re menstrual or if they noticed a difference in time or energy during that time?   I have anxiety and sometimes suffer panic attacks and notice around this time of the month they get a little worse.

So day 4 I only walk/jogged 0:86 of a mile.

My time is still a little slow, but I’m working on it!

I would love to hear about what y’all eat and welcome any advice on diet, because that’s another area I struggle with.  Anyhoo, back on the treadmill today as soon as the little one’s awake!  Roll on day 5 & 6!


6 thoughts on “Day 3 & 4 of Juneathon

  1. It could be that you ate something or it could be how quickly you jumped on the mill after you ate. I know that I can’t walk or run much after I eat so I tend to eat and then wait about 30 minutes before I begin walking or jogging.

    As far as the period – yeah, I think that its a big factor in it because when I have mine which is why I have not started (well, today is going to be THE DAY IS START!!) I get more exhausted and I actually find it makes matters worse with my period so that coulf be something – but heck .86 miles….that is awesome!!


  2. When I was walk/jogging I almost always did it on an empty stomach. And the days right before my monthly left me feeling heavier and slower, the 1.5 m I did around the neighborhood lake left me gasping like I’d run a marathon…which of course I’ve never actually run.

    Good luck with the Juneathon!

    How was the Cake Boss?


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