Gaydar Fail!

Last night Tiffany outed Jonathan Knight on Andy Cohen when asked if she dated any of the NKOTB? 

Tiffany said she found out after they split that Jonathan was gay saying she “should have known something because he was so much fun and they used to do facials together!” 

She also said he was still fabulous!  I think it was an honest slip! 

Jonathan Knight was one of my teeny bopper crushes!

I had NO IDEA! 


 Who usually has a pretty accurate gaydar!

Gaydar Fail!

Anyway, not that it’s any of my business or anyone elses for that matter! 

I still love the dude and swoon a little when I see him and the other kids from the block on tv!   Have you seen their new videos?  The years have been oh so kind! 😉

To be honest who cares what his sexuality is? 

To me he’s just a guy from NKOTB I used to have a major crush on in my adolescent years!

ROCK ON Jonathan Knight!  

4 thoughts on “Gaydar Fail!

  1. Who cares is right! I LOVE NKOTB and am so glad to see them together again and making some new music.

    Have you seen the new show Blue Bloods with Donny Walhburg? It is great! Check it out if you can!


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