Our very first Friday Food Fight!


 The night before my sister Karen over at If I Could Escape moved back to the UK, Denise (my SIL) and I started to fatasize over all the yummy British foods she would soon be savoring.  As we dreamingly drooled over tasty British treats, Karen began to get a bit melancholy for the food she would be missing here in the States.  So, we concocted a fabulous way to tease share all our favorite foods and this is how our Friday Food Fight began.

I know my sister’s probably going to post a big, fat, bag of fish-n-chips or a 99 to make me insanely jealous, but it’s fall here in Florida and ya know what that means?  All things pumpkin are making their annual appearance and one thing my sister loves is pumpkin!

So, for starters how about a Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks, a Pumpkin muffin and I know it’s not pumpkin, but who can resist a Ghirardelli caramel chocolate bar?

Is a pumpkin muffin really that good you say?

Well, after you take one bite…

 this happens…

Enough said!

Oh and one more thing I made a Pumpkin Roll, complete with sweet cream cheese filling!

It came out perfect for my first go at it.

Is it just me or does my hand look like a lobster claw?  I digress…

Denise I’m gonna need pointers on how to get in  keep in shape, as our new Friday Food Fight is going to do a number on my non-existent waistline. *wink*

To join our Friday Food Fight, post a picture of your favorite food, meal, snack
or drink.  Of course, we’d love to see you enjoying your tasty treat, but you
don’t have to be in the picture.  Then on Friday, post your drool inducing photo
and link up here.  That’s it. 

And while you’re sharing your favorite foodie photo, we’d love for you to add
our fun Friday Food Fight button to your post and link back here.

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8 thoughts on “Our very first Friday Food Fight!

  1. Great mind think alike, I tell ya! 😉

    As for tips on how to keep trim, stay away from the bloody pumpkin muffins! LOL I bought two alone this week just for photos for our Friday Food Fight. Thankfully, I shared them with my girls so I didn’t suffer all the calories myself. I suppose it could have been worse. The sacrifices I make for my blog! LOL

    That pumpkin roll looks delish! I’ll have to get your recipe.


  2. Oh, how did I never know about you?! I’m not a fan of pumpkin despite my American heritage so I will happily pass on the pumpkin wonderland that you are advertising. However, if you could take a picture with a bag of Cheetos, a family-sized jar of Jif and a 2 litre bottle of Coke, I’d be properly jealous. I will have to see what I can come up with. Maybe surrounding myself with Daim bars??? 😀

    Karin at Cafe Bebe


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