Oompa Loompa!




My sister talked me into getting a spray tan this evening, so I talked her into doing it in the buff..lol  OMG, I’ve never giggled so much in my entire life.. Hold your boobs up, spread your legs, bend over are just a few of the things we endured.  When we were done we looked lovely and brown in her dimmed lights but once we were out in the real light… Oompa Loompa doompity doo, I look a little orange like you..lol  We’ve been told a lot of the orangeness will come off when we shower in FIVE HOURS.  LMAO!  I still can’t stop giggling.  I told her that tomorrow we could post our pre-shower photo and our after shower photo.  I tell you I don’t mind either way the laughter was well worth a couple days of slight orange, I might even do it again just for the giggle.  Hubby said he likes it and started to make pelvic thrusting motions at me, really what are men thinking when they do that?  Ach well, what a fun evening.

15 thoughts on “Oompa Loompa!

  1. If some heifer with a spray thingy tells me to “bend over” I might have to sock her one! I’ve been wanting to do this, sort of, but I think I’ll stick to fishy white for a while. I’m afraid they would tell me to “pick up your baby-roll” and I would start crying and wash white lines onto my face! I’m glad you did it though. Let us know how long it takes for the orange to wear off.


  2. Oh wait there’s more.. half way through being sprayed by this cute petite thing, my sister was making small talk with her and I realized that thirteen years ago I had an affair with her hubby (at the time I was young, single and didn’t know he was married) obviously after finding out I quickly kicked him to the curb. They were seperated and he was living in an apartment, Ifound out about her when she banged on his apartment door one morning. Can you imagine my face last night half way through being sprayed, standing there with everything hanging out or should I say hanging south. Ach well you live and learn I guess.


  3. I am SO glad I clicked the comments, they’re funnier than the story! Never did the spray tan myself. I hardly let John see me without my top on, like I want a 20-something model wannabe to see me without my skivvies? Pressure!


  4. Ummm just saw myself in the light, maybe not so much better still orange. Oh I have to giggle at myself.. the funny thing is she said it’s darkest on the third day GOOD GAWD I can’t even imagine.


  5. So your Ta Ta’s, Vajajay, and Arse are orange? What do your pubes look like?

    You definitely look a lot better after a shower. Did you wait the 5 hours?


  6. Thanks for coming by. I am happy to meet you. Your daughter is beautiful. This post had me laughing so hard. I have a friend that had a spray tan and since she was so pale naturally she looked orange for days after LOL
    I noticed on the top of your blog it says epilepsy. Who has epilepsy? My daughter has seizures. Not so often now but used to be severe when she was a baby/toddler. Her first one lasted 90 minutes and they never did figure out why. I’m convinced it was the MMR shot she had 5 days before.


  7. Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed my post. My daughter is Epileptic. Megs seizures were worse when she was little too, pretty well controlled on meds now. She also had a status episode once that lasted two and half hours, scary isn’t it. Megs seizures got worse after the Pertusis shot so now she gets the DTaP without the P. She’s never had the MMR and I don’t think I’ll ever give it to her. How old is your daughter?


  8. My daughter is 9. She isn’t medicated anymore and only has very mild ABSENT seizures that last for a few seconds. This only happens when she has a flu or is under the weather. Tristan has never had the MMR


  9. That’s fantastic! I hope my previous post didn’t come off wrong. When I mentioned not giving her the MMR, I meant because of what happened with the pertusis, she went from one or two seizures every couple of weeks to 8 to 20 a day. So I vowed I wouldn’t be talked into anymore shots I didn’t want her to have. Do both of your children have seizures?


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