Polk County Beating of Victoria Lindsey

I was horrified when the video of the six girls in Polk County attacking Victoria Lindsey aired on my local news, but then to hear they lured her there for that purpose was appauling.  The apparent 30 minute beating was in retaliation to Vicoria’s Myspace page (what was written has not yet been released).  In my opinion, no amount of trash talking deserves a six person assault.   The girls were planning to splash the assault all over Myspace and You Tube.

The mother of the girl who lured Victoria to the beating has come out saying that she thinks this was blown out of proportion and that Victoria deserves part of the blame.  I’m sorry how is a concussion, loss of hearing, loss of sight, two black eyes and the fact that the girl was actually knocked unconcious in a bedroom, moved to the couch and then beaten again when she came too, blown out of proportion?  In an interview with Matt Lauer the mother said her daughter tried to warn Victoria, which I find hard to believe when the beating was set to take place at this girls grandmothers house.  Matt Lauer also pointed out that at no time did her daughter try to intervene or call the police.   I wonder if that mother would be reacting the same way if it were her daughter recieving the beating?

These girls aren’t even remorseful for what they’ve done, according to police they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong and were upset they weren’t going to get to go to the beach or make cheerleading practice. I think the girls need to be taught a lesson, because of their lack of remorse I feel they deserve to be tried as adults.  I think each one of them should have to attend a discussion group alone that includes female prison inmates, they should have to sit in the middle while being verbally assaulted by women a lot tougher than they could ever be to get an idea of how Victoria must have felt.  OK maybe that’s not realistic, I do think they should lose after school privilidges like cheerleading, sports, dances, etc… What’s happening in a childs home where they actually think this kind of behaviour is appropriate?  What are your thoughts?  Do you think they should be tried as adults?  One can only hope that this is something they will grow to regret as adults when they have to apply for a job and this brutal attack is on their resume.   These girls should have to, at the very least, give a public appology don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Polk County Beating of Victoria Lindsey

  1. “You can not only inflict the pain and humiliation of a beating, but you can repeat that through perpetuity by putting it on the Net,” he said. “That’s what happened to this victim, and now she will be remembered forever as the girl who took this awful beating. That victimizes her far beyond the physical pain.”

    – Larry Magid, founder of SafeKids.com
    and codirector of ConnectSafely.org



  2. I think most people feel she didn’t deserve what happened and are disgusted by the actions of the other girls. I have a daughter and I don’t know what I’d do if that were her. I’d like to see her sue them and go to college/university on that money.


  3. When I first saw the video on the news i was so shock, how could 6 girls gang up on her. Then i was wondering why isn’t she hitting them back, but then i realized that if she were to hit atleast one they probably would of killed her. What i don’t understand is why are they taking this myspace so serious. So stupid even if she did put up anything on there who cares its not the end of the world. Those 6 girls took it to the extreme not only did they beat her but they damaged her eye and ear. I really hope they get convicted as adults even the 14 year old. Because there not children they know the difference between right and wrong but they chose to take a wrong approach. I really hope they get convicted as adults not because im angry of what they did but because they damaged her from the out side as well as in. Those 6 girls are cowards thats all they are.


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